Sunspire, the Grand Kingdom of Vistus, was once a proud nation in service of the Sun Hawk. Made wealthy by trade and natural resources and basking in the favor of the king of the sun, prosperity and peace were taken for granted.

All of it changed suddenly when the Blight arrived: a horrible disease that affected people, animals, plants and the very land itself. It spread quickly and could not be cured, and worst of all, those who died to its ravages did not lay in rest, but instead arose as shambling abominations. The king’s own brother, a wise and beloved duke named Halwel, declared that he had intentionally caused the Blight and attempted to seize the throne. King Bragas could no longer ignore the inevitable: he must take what remained of his people and flee on a Great Exodus. The remains of Sunspire’s citizenry made a treacherous journey across the Blood Plains, all the way to the coast of the Bedlam Sea. As they could get no further out of the necromancer’s shadow, they stopped here to rebuild their society.

Twenty years passed…

The people of the new kingdom of Dawnhaven mourn the passing of King Bragas. His son, Leto, has risen to take his father’s place, but he is not as conservative or, some would say, wise as his father. He considers the Great Exodus a mistake, and now he rallies crusaders to retake Dawnhaven in the name of Vistus and destroy the necromancer Halwel, returning the people of the sun to their rightful place.

Sunspire Crusade